Tashkent–Samarkand–Qarshi high-speed railway line
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Tashkent–Samarkand–Qarshi high-speed railway line

Electrification of the Qarshi–Kitob section of the Tashkent–Samarkand–Qarshi high-speed railway line and organizing the traffic of high-speed passenger trains.

The project included equipping railway stations and open lines with the MPC-E system, which was integrated with semi-automated line blocking system (Semi-ALB) as well as numerous other systems: automatic level crossing, ATP digital encoding, centralized traffic control, data transmission, operational communications, fault detection systems.

Year: 2018

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  • Railway line length of 124 km

  • 5 railway stations (60 switches) were equipped with MPC-E


Qarshi–Kitob section

June 2018

Under the contract, specialists of ELTEZA designed a package of design documents and project estimates for the signalling systems and telecommunication equipment supplied, which was then approved by Uzbek Railways (Oʻzbekiston Temir Yoʻllari).

December 2018

All the ordered products were manufactured and delivered on time as per the terms and conditions of the contract.