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ELTEZA provides a wide range of services in retrofitting projects and implementation of new rail traffic management systems throughout the project lifecycle.

and Design
Development and design of computer-based systems and equipment for railway signaling and telecommunication, research and development of signalling equipment
Manufacturing and supply of signalling products
Construction and Comissioning
Comprehensive construction, upgrading and retrofitting projects in facilities with railway signaling systems, commissioning of signalling systems
After-sales service and maintenance of commissioned railway infrastructure facilities, including lifecycle contracts
Recycling of signaling equipment with expired service life


High-speed railway lines
A wide range of in-house-produced solutions and devices to meet the needs of mainline railways, including high-speed railway lines

Mass transit
Comprehensive solutions for urban ground rail transport, including the Moscow Central Circle, Moscow Central Diameters, and Light Rail System

Industrial transport
Integrated rail traffic management systems for ground and underground industrial transport, including private railway lines

Signalling systems at the Moscow Metro ensure the metro trains arrive in intervals of less than 90 s during peak hours