Yelets Manufacturing Complex of Losinoostrovsky Electrotechnical Plant
+7 (499) 266-69-96
1–33, plot 1, Letchika Babushkina str., Moscow, Russia, 129344

Yelets Manufacturing Complex of Losinoostrovsky Electrotechnical Plant

Yelets Manufacturing Complex draws upon the legacy of Yelets Electromechanical Plant, with more than half a century of experience. In 2015, following a decision of ELTEZA management, the facility was merged with Losinoostrovsky Electrotechnical Plant as a separate enterprise.

The history of this complex goes back to service workshops of the Yelets railway station of the Moscow–Donbass railway. It is recognized in the industry as the manufacturer of high-quality railway products.

The plant developed unique manufacturing technologies of dc impedance bonds.

Core competencies:

  • tools for signalling system technicians
  • vehicles for linear sections of signalling systems
  • impedance bonds
  • frequency transformers, specialized rheostats and resistors for signalling devices
  • surge protection devices for signalling systems
9a, Ryazano-Yeletskaya str., Yelets, Lipetsk Region, Russia, 399774

+7 (47467) 4-63-92

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Today, Yelets Manufacturing Facility is developing and adopting new types of products by applying advanced technologies and high-performance equipment.