ELTEZA switches northern tracks to digital control
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ELTEZA switches northern tracks to digital control

MPC-EL, a computer-based interlocking system for switches and traffic lights developed and produced by ELTEZA, was put into operation at the Pinozero station of the Oktyabrskaya Railway.

ELTEZA specialists carried out commissioning work, including installation of specialized software of the company’s own design. 25 switch facilities are now under a single digital control, which will increase capacity and automate the movement of trains through the station.

With the development of the Northern Sea Route, the modernization of the railway infrastructure of the adjacent regions, including the Pinozero station in the Murmansk region, is also becoming particularly important. Modern digital equipment by ELTEZA is installed in the most crucial, cargo- and passenger-intensive areas. So, earlier, within the boundaries of the Oktyabrskaya Railway, the company has already put into operation the MPC-EL system at the stations of Tver, Lapland, Taibola, Uglovka, Kalashnikovo, Chupa, and installed automatic train protection system ABTC-EL on the Olenegorsk - Lapland - Pulozero sections.