ELTEZA speeds up train traffic in Moscow region
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ELTEZA speeds up train traffic in Moscow region

As part of the construction of the Moscow Central Diameters, ELTEZA introduced digital technologies for managing railway infrastructure, allowing to reduce the intervals of train traffic.

During the organization of the MCD-4 line, launched on September 9, computer-based interlocking of switchers and signals MPC-EL developed and manufactured by ELTEZA was applied. It is installed at 14 key stations* of the new diameter and, due to the automation of traffic control, allows you to receive trains at stations at intervals of 5-7 minutes. With the subsequent introduction of the company's technologies, it is planned to reduce this time to 4 minutes.

In addition, on the Zheleznodorozhnaya – Reutov and Kuskovo – Kurskaya MCD-4 stages, traffic lightless with movable block sections is organized on the basis of the automatic train protection system ALSO-EL-P, which allows for the minimum permissible convergence of trains to increase speed on the route.

*MCD-4 stations equipped with MPC-EL:

Rizhskaya, Kurskaya, Karacharovo (Nizhegorodskaya), Solnechnaya, Ochakovo, Vnukovo, Krekshino, Tolstopaltsevo, Moscow-Sorting-Kievskaya, Butyrskaya, Zheleznodorozhnaya, Lesnoy Gorodok, Moscow-Passenger-Kievskaya, Aprelevka