Tver railway station
+7 (499) 266-69-96
1–33, plot 1, Letchika Babushkina str., Moscow, Russia, 129344

Tver railway station

Installation of a new MPC-EL interlocking system for switches and signals developed on the major station Tver

The largest transportation hub of the Oktiabrskaya Railway is located on the Moscow–St. Petersburg high-speed railway line known for its high traffic intensity.

Commissioning date: 2019

In October, 2019 the MPC-EL system, which uses digital track circuits with automatic parameter adjustment and signal encoding, was commissioned at the Tver railway station, providing the ability to control signalling devices from two posts.

The retrofitting and upgrading project at the station took only 14 hours. Train traffic never stopped throughout the installation at the railway station.